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Anthropologie: more like walking into someone's (very swanky) home than a shop

Fans of the American fashion and home emporium Anthropologie can rejoice as there are now two stores in London - the first on Regent Street, and now this one on the King's Road. 

I'm really into this shop, partly because it doesn't really feel like a shop, it's more like being through-the-keyhole in Stella McCartney's house and you're allowed to gawp at all her nice things without being arrested.

Everything is shown together so you'll find dresses, books, dinner plates and t-shirts all on the same stand. You might casually stumble across an enticing book about swimming outdoors in Britain's lakes and rivers (Wild Swim, by Kate Rew) while you're contemplating a floaty summer dress or a rustic-chic serving bowl.

Yes, it's shamelessly 'lifestyle' - in the sense that you're unlikely to be jumping into a freezing lake anytime soon despite the pull of the lush photography - but so what. 

Moss covered pillars? Quirky design features are everywhere

I like the fact they've really gone to town on their displays: blankets piled up on the back of a giant wooden horse, huge palm tree leaves bursting out above a bed, a water feature and tropical plants just for the hell of it. I was in a much better mood by the time I left.

The antithesis of the typical (and tedious) rail-after-rail-of-clothes shopping experience