Great for squirrel watching

Nice space - but would you really get any work done? 

I imagine this is what Kevin 'Grand Designs' McCloud's office looks like. It ticks all the right boxes for a modern, architecturally inspiring workspace; there's lots of glass to give the effect of bringing the outside in, there's plenty of space for laying out plans on the floor, and there's just the right amount of intentionally thoughtful isolation. 

But let's be honest - and we know Kevin likes to tell it how it is - doesn't it make you want to just sit back, drink in hand and gaze out the window. If you did have any urge to exert yourself it might only be to rearrange everything so it still looked beautiful against the scenic backdrop - there are no hiding places for piles of junk in a see-through building.

This studio belongs to an artist called Marion Bembe (who looks like she's on top of her paperwork) and it's in a place called Riederau, in Upper Bavaria, Germany. The photograph is from 'Interiors Now! Vol. 1' published by Taschen