Makes me wanna shop

This week I headed to Earls Court to visit the new Home show.

It's a trade show where shop owners go to seek out delightful things to put in their shops, but I went along in nosy journalist capacity to get some inspiration.

And inspiration I did get. Here are some of my entirely personal and wholly subjective highlights. I'm starting with two of the standout stands.

There was a lot of lovely stuff there, I looked at as much as I could before shiny object fatigue set in.

Breakfast Express by Reiko Kaneko - I love a good visual gag

Jumpy Mug BMX by Reiko Kaneko - A mug worthy of the manchild in your life

Forest Friends (DIY paper animals) by Mibo - Too cute. Apparently their biggest fans are eight year old girls. And me.

Wise Guy by Mibo - Need I say more?