Colour me beautiful

PLC chair by Pearson Lloyd

How much would you pay for this chair? What if you could get it in a one-off original colour. Would you pay more..?

The designers behind the PLC chair hope so. This wooden cafe-style chair is being auctioned off in 36 colours by Modus Furniture during the London Design Festival.

As a rule, I'm in favour of the sweet shop aesthetic in design where things look more appealing if they come in eye-popping colours.

It explains the allure of Caran d'Ache colouring pencils and it is one of the guiding principles behind Finnish homeware brand Iittala. And they're clearly onto something.

I don't know about you, but I find it pretty hard to resist objects when they're lined up in rainbow formation.

The question is, do they look as good when they're flying solo? Does the same happy vibe surround these objects when they are taken out of line. 

Rainbow chairs are happier chairs. Fact.