Floating ferns

Sky Planter by Patrick Morris for Boskke

These are very cool. 

The Sky Planter is a plant pot suspended from the ceiling in which your chosen shrub will grow as normal, just upside down. There's a small reservoir in the top where you add the water, and a ceramic collar and plastic mesh combo on the bottom to stop the soil falling out. Read the FAQs if you need more reassurance. 

They look amazing in a group and they're actually fairly straightforward to pot and put up. If you've run out of floorspace or worktop, for your plants and herbs, you can utilise that large space above you (the ceiling) instead. I have seen the plants the designer grew in his own flat and they are thriving - and throwing some great herbaceous shapes.

On sale in the UK from Thorsten van Elten and the Design Museum shop, they've also been picked up by the Pompidou Centre in Paris.
Upside down gardening the easy way