Consider this?

The Conran Shop meets student kitchen: the Cheese Grater Light

I'm not sure where Terence Conran is coming from on this one. 

The light is part of the Well Considered range of affordable household items at The Conran Shop - a timely and much appreciated enterprise seeing as everything else in there is so expensive - but, seriously, a cheese grater? 

I get the other stuff in the collection. The 16-piece white porcelain starter set of plates and bowls is timeless and useful, the red lacquered bentwood chair is a quirky take on a classic design, and the 1950s style Ercol-designed plank table would be good in a small space. 

Bentwood Chair in red lacquer

But the kitchen utensil as light fitting aesthetic? I don't really get how that fits into the well considered box. It looks like it was rescued from a halls of residence where it was being used to make cheese on toast in the dark.

Mind you the box itself is pretty nice, the brightly coloured graphic illustrations are by Spanish designer and artist Javier Mariscal. Who, incidentally, designed Cobi the mascot of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, which was apparently one of the most commercially successful of all time. 

So maybe Conran is on to something after all.

You can see the collection in Conran Shops, or at the pop-up shop at Westfield shopping centre until 6th June.