Bread and butter

Toast house & home s/s 2010 catalogue. They sell jam too.

I don't know what it is about the Toast catalogue, but I always enjoy flicking through it. It's dreamy and evocative of a life I don't actually live, but might do one day if I got my act together and moved to that lemon grove in Sicily. 

Like that's going to happen.

The vibe is very pared down, with soft colours like dove grey and dusky lilac and the odd dart of yellow, it's the simple life in a djellaba, with hammam towels in the bathroom and ticking stripe linens on the bed. If it had a soundtrack it would definitely be found in the world music section.

There's a bit of Morocco, France, Mexico, India and Italy thrown in there, but with a solid dose of Britishness too - they sell marmalade and deckchairs.

This time I'm loving the catalogue for the tiles. Annoyingly they don't actually sell them, the tiles are just in the background on one of their dreamy shoots.

I want these tiles

The Toast look: Hammam chic meets MC Hammer