Nostalgia trip

Blackbirds/Seagulls sketchbook by We Are Family

You may not actually need another sketchbook (or even one at all) but one day you just might find yourself at the cash register with one in your hand. Like I did with this one from We Are Family which has blackbirds on the outside and - quite unnecessarily, but in what makes it feel a bit more special - seagulls on the inside covers. Inside it's plain white paper; page after page of pure white paper and possibility. 

It's very reassuring to be reminded that no matter how much we desire the high resolution LED-backlit multi-touch display of the iPad say, there's nothing quite like the tactile delight of flicking through the pages of an old fashioned sketchbook. And pondering the possibilities that lie within. 

And then picking up your iPhone to type something about it on your blog. 


Pencils/Scissors sketchbook by We Are Family