Fancy a cuppa

Beep Mug by Colin O'Dowd

I was trying to think of something really deep to say about this mug; about form and function and how having the bar code all around it was like a marriage between aesthetics and practicality. But then it occurred to me that maybe everything just looks better in black and white. And stripes are cool.

So then I thought I'd try out my new favourite iPhone app - Red Laser. For those who don't know it's a bar code scanner which works just like the ones at the checkout, you scan the bar code on your chosen item and you instantly get a list of online prices and product info. It's genius - and it actually works. I am now completely scanner-happy, zapping everything in sight. Any book lying around gets flipped over and the back is zapped. Ping! The cover price may say £10.99, but I can see there are twelve stockists selling it for less. Brilliant. What else can I zap.

Except that when I scanned this mug nothing happened. Well, it recognised the bar code, but it couldn't find a price. Gutted. I was so disappointed. I'm sure there's a very good reason why it doesn't work, but it just seems a shame. The function is lagging behind the form.