At the risk of shooting myself in the foot, seeing as I write about STUFF on this blog, here's a book I think we might all benefit from reading. I was recommended Stuffocation by James Wallman by a design writer friend and it struck a chord immediately. We are drowning in stuff when what should really be looking for is experiences. I downloaded it on kindle as it didn't feel quite right (pre) ordering the hard copy... and having even more stuff. 

It also sent me off down the internet rabbit hole and I stumbled across a video called The Tipping Point: Where Design Comes To Die by the RSA-supported project The Great Recovery, which is another timely reminder about consumerism and the circular economy. It will make you think about what happens after you've dumped your stuff at the dump... oh the guilt. It's 13 mins long, but stick with it - it's actually relatively upbeat.