Christopher Jenner

Today’s post features some lush photographs taken by Michael Franke of the new Christopher Jenner designed showroom for ultra posh bathroom company Drummonds, in Notting Hill.

I was first drawn to Jenner’s work by his kaleidoscopic design for the Penhaligon’s store in Regent Street which I wrote about in this blog post last year. It just leapt out at me, and I think he’s achieved the same thing here. While it’s a completely different colour palette, he’s captured the mood beautifully, there’s a kind of dreamy luxury about it.

And yeah I know us mere mortals are never going to be able to afford a Drummonds bath, I get that, seeing as it takes several weeks to even make one, in a process which involves casting the raw metal, shotblasting and enamelling, then hand polishing, copper cladding and finally hand painting in your chosen colour... But that’s not the point, Jenner has designed a beautiful space which makes you feel something. And I’m ok with that today.