Follow The Butterfly

Here's something to think about over the weekend: are you living a positive consumer life?

We all know we live in a consumer society and while there's nothing inherently wrong with buying stuff, increasingly people are wondering where does this stuff come from, how was it made, and where? After the recent tragic Bangladesh factory collapse I certainly felt pretty sick at the thought of my stuff having come from there.

Step forward Positive Luxury an award-winning website which offers "the first and best consumer guide to positive living". Scroll through their list of brands to see who is and isn't playing fair. The brands are meticulously vetted on an annual basis for their social, environmental and philanthropic efforts. The good ones get awarded the blue butterfly, such as Nike and H&M - proving cheap doesn't have to = made by children. 

I'm all for a bit of consumer transparency - follow the blue butterfly and put your money where your mouth is. What do you think?