Indie of the Week #23: Pitfield London

The Pitfield_0035.jpg
Pitfield London is the kind of place that could probably only happen in East London. It's half shop and half cafe and when it launched last year it was immediately popular. It's as much of an example of slick lifestyle branding as it is of shop-keeping; it's rapid growth has come about through a combination of good location, fun concept, smart use of social media and genuine enthusiasm by the owners who bring with them decades of design experience.
You'll find a joyful mix of feather dusters, re-uphostered 70s furniture, ceramics, vintage glassware and an exhibition space at the back to support new designers. I heard a talk by the owners Shaun Clarkson (who appeared on The Apprentice last week) and Paul Brewster at Decorex last year where they explained that they'd only planned to open a shop underneath Clarkson's interior design studio and that the cafe was a late addition to the plan. The cafe proved to be such a big draw that it took over to the point where they've had to get someone else in to run it. 
Who are you? Shaun Clarkson of Pitfield London.
Where can we find you? 31-35 Pitfield Street, London, N1 6 HB (5 mins from Old St); 
Describe your store in five words: eclectic, colourful, experimental, curious, quirky.
What makes you different? We are an eclectic mix of new, old, invented and re invented. We build fantasy environments and you can buy a tiny price of the dream, or the whole look.
How you decide what makes the cut? We try to build stories inspired by one object, or idea, and run with it.
What were you doing before you did this? Hotelier and interior designer (Clarkson) and textile designer (Brewster).
If you were starting again what advice would you give yourself? Get a bigger space - and more stuff. 
What are you most proud of? The fact that the shop has so quickly positioned itself in the market. We invented a cool brand.
Do you have a favourite thing in the store right now? A midnight blue velvet buttoned wingback chair. It's sexy!
What's hot for 2013? Parrots, dogs and yellow.
Every Wednesday 'Indie of the week' celebrates the best independent stores around. These places sell interesting and varied collections of design-related things you don't see everywhere else. They may support young or local designers or be great at finding unique things from around the world. By thinking a little more creatively about what they stock they are fighting the bland homogenisation of so much of the high street. And since I'm down with the realities of modern life, online only stores count too, because a beautiful and easy to use website is just as delightful an encounter in cyberspace.
Do you you have a favourite store?  I'd love to hear from you.