Tate Gallery by Tube

photo (8).JPG

Took my boys to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden at the weekend which is a great little outing for younger kids with lots of running around space, buses to climb on, buttons to press etc. There are also some great vintage posters on show so I was pleased to spot the original artwork (above) 'Tate Gallery by Tube' by artist David Booth - with its brilliantly simple play on words - which was photographed and made into a memorable poster for The Tate in the 1980s. I'd seen it on a recent Culture Show Special about 150 years of The Tube where my new favourite nerdy TV presenter Alastair Sooke was having a go at recreating it - harder than it looks, apparently. As we queued to get in, the boys were given this super cute little activity book (below) which naturally I was way more impressed with than they were. Loved the zingy colours / illustration by Catherine Rudie.

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