Bethan Gray: Inside Design

Bethan Gray is a designer we should all know about for her beautiful, functional, thoughtful, well-crafted and warm designs. You may well be familiar with some of them already as her Noah range for John Lewis is a best seller, pictured top left and bottom right. Also pictured is her celebrated Brogue Table for G&T (Gray, and Thomas Turner) which has a leather top and signature punched pattern. She's fond of using luxurious natural materials such as leather, marble and wood to create her covetable designs. What I love about her is that she designs things you could easily see yourself living with and this talent has made her one of the UK's most commercially successful designers. While browsing her website I had a peek at her Instagram account which is public, I hasten to add, and is full of stunning pictures, lots of detail shots, texture, shapes, colour. Very inspiring. She's showcasing her new work at an exhibition called Inside Design which opens tomorrow (26th April - 9th May) at Great Western Studios in London.