Designs of the Year 2013

non-stick ketchup bottle has been nominated in the Product category for the Design Museum's sixth annual Designs of the Year. How does it work? The inside is sprayed with an edible lubricant which repels the sauce and out it slides. Which immediately makes me think: Heinz are going to need a new ad campaign.

But headline-grabbers aside, here's the shortlist of the 90+ designs nominated which include big hitters: the Olympic Cauldron and The Shard, but also practical solutions for the developing world such as: Child Vision self-adjustable glasses for children with no access to opticians, and life-saving medicines from Cola-Life that are distributed to the furthest corners of Africa by jumping on the Coca-Cola distribution network. GENIUS.

The breadth and scale of the creations is mind-boggling. The exhibition runs until 7th July.