[Indie of the Week #12: The Lollipop Shoppe]

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If you are looking for an injection of sleek, contemporary design then this place is your go-to destination. Located on the edge of Spitalfields Market it's part shop and part shrine to the Modern aesthetic. The collection is edited with a discerning eye and ranges from classics, by manufacturers such as Vitra, Knoll and Fritz Hansen, to up and coming designers. Enjoy the visual feast, but be mindful that a stool can cost nearly £400 here. 
Who are you? Marco Di Rienzo of The Lollipop Shoppe.
Where can we find you? www.thelollipopshoppe.co.uk; 10 Lamb Street, London E1 6EA.
Describe your store in five words: Style. Design. Art. Evolving. Exciting.
What makes you different? Exclusive product lines, inclusive customer/product interaction and straight up honest advice when it comes to large furniture purchases. 
How do you decide what makes the cut? Aesthetics. Function.
What were you doing before you did this? Working in the energy markets.
If you were starting again what advice would you give yourself? Only focus on what you are doing and where you want to go. 
What are you most proud of? My twins.
Do you have a favourite thing in store right now? Re-Turned birds by Discipline.
What’s hot for 2013? New ranges from Hay and Discipline
Every Wednesday 'Indie of the week' celebrates the best independent stores around. These places sell interesting and varied collections of design-related things you don't see everywhere else. They may support young or local designers or be great at finding unique things from around the world. By thinking a little more creatively about what they stock they are fighting the bland homogenisation of so much of the high street. And since I'm down with the realities of modern life, online only stores count too, because a beautiful and easy to use website is just as delightful an encounter in cyberspace.
Do you you have a favourite store?  I'd love to hear from you.