Gloom busting windows

Have you seen The Conran Shop's windows on the Fulham Road?

I was walking through London yesterday on what was a classic wet and grey November day when I caught a glimpse of something very pink and neon pulsing in my peripheral vision. I actually crossed the street to get a closer look and immediately felt compelled to take some pictures. WOW. What do you think? Now I'm not saying I'm going to do a day-glo Christmas this year, but it is quite the sight to behold - and really made me think about the extraordinary power colour has to affect mood. 


2013-11-06 11.44.47 copy.jpg
2013-11-06 11.45.01 copy.jpg
2013-11-06 11.44.33 copy.jpg
2013-11-06 11.48.19 copy.jpg
2013-11-06 11.48.29 copy.jpg