In praise of messy desks

2013-11-14 10.40.31 copy.jpg

In my haste to post about the Paul Smith exhibition last week I forgot to include the photos I took of his recreated Covent Garden office, so here they are.

I love that his office is so messy; in the exhibition notes he describes it as a "madhouse" and "the equivalent of my brain". There are books, bicycles, cameras, rabbits, robots, letters, bills, bits and bobs all over the place, and only one tidy surface - a huge rosewood table that is always empty. But it's from this accumulation of stuff picked up on his travels over the years that he often gets ideas for a new collection or the design of a new shop. 

So maybe don't spend today tidying your desk and instead revel in your creative chaos for a bit longer. 

ps - I wonder if he actually uses that old computer

2013-11-14 10.41.30 copy.jpg